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Laminate flooring is the ultimate modern answer to getting the beauty of wood without the cost or maintenance requirements of the real thing. Laminates are warm and smooth underfoot, quickly installed and come in an incredible range of styles and colours. As easy as a vinyl floor to maintain quickly wiping clean and water resistant, laminates are incredibly practical brings the beauty of wood into a room which stays looking good for years.

Engineered woods simply wrap real wood around lower cost materials like chipboard; creating a completely wooden surface at a lower cost, engineered wood can be stained or sanded just like solid wood floors. These are a great practical choice for homeowners and create a strong impression to create that high-end luxury flooring with cost effectiveness built in.

Real wood reflects classic elegance, bringing beautiful warm wooden texture, colour and feel into your home; a popular choice literally for centuries for it’s comfort, longevity and an ageing process that makes it gain both character and value.

atkinson and kirby

Established in 1903, Atkinson And Kirby are now the UK’s largest manufacturer of traditional hardwood flooring. Part of the Richard Burbidge Group since 2002, the Company is independently run and still manages to maintain a close knit, family business feel. Based in Ormskirk in Lancashire and employing over 80 people, we are an integral part of both the local community and economy, as the towns’ largest private employer. Alongside our own manufacture Traditional Solid Hardwood Block, Strip and Overlay Flooring, we are also able to offer our own exclusive Ranges of Pre-Finished Solid and Multi-Layer Flooring.


Quick-Step is concerned about the environment. You may be rest assured. By purchasing a Quick-Step Parquet floor you buy a 100% ecological preferred product. All incoming raw materials have been carefully screened for their impact on the environment. For example, wood that is used for our face layer is only sourced from controlled or ecologically certified forests. As a middle layer, we only use recycled wood that is sourced from plantations. Moreover, our glue and varnish fulfil the strictest international emission norms. Quick-Step brings nature into your living room. Enjoy it – with respect and no worries.


Each Woodpecker floor carries this outstanding reassurance of our confidence that you will not find a better value product anywhere on the market. Your satisfaction depends on our care and attention to detail, such as the careful selection of the trees before they are felled and the way in which the timber is sawn, stacked and dried. In most cases the sawn timber is air dried for over twelve months prior to a 2 stage kilning and dehumidification process to achieve maximum stability. It is then carefully selected for grain pattern, colour variation and knots, to provide the many varied appearances that are available within the Woodpecker range. It is then machined using the latest technologies – in many cases to engineering tolerances that up to a few years ago would have been thought impossible – so we can bring virtual perfection to your floor.


With the huge variety of finishes on offer we are now considered by many to be amongst the UK’s leading suppliers of engineered and solid hardwood flooring. As great believers in the expression ‘time is money’ we go to great lengths to ensure that your time is not wasted in sourcing the ancillary products required to complete your installation. From a wide variety of solid timber profiles, to underlays, adhesives, tools and maintenance products, we can satisfy all your needs.